5. November 2010

Geocaching/ Löwenzahn/ ZDF

I was asked to work on the background design on this short film together with Studio Soi. It explains what "Geocaching" is and how it worksn and it will be screened this weekend.
ZDF: 6th of Nov at 8:35 am
KIKA: 7th of Nov at 4pm
... or you can also watch it on the website of ZDF/ Löwenzahn


Queen Mob hat gesagt…

Du arbeitest an verdammt coolen Projekten, wirklich!
Echt cool, gratulation"

Sandra Brandstätter hat gesagt…

Ja, kann mich ned beklagen. Macht Spass und is herausfordernd.

KAVI hat gesagt…

I really like your work for this studio , it's really appealing !

Sandra Brandstätter hat gesagt…

thanks kavi, they really have interesting projects and put a lot of love into their work (if one can say that in English...).