28. Februar 2011

Froschsong/ ZDF

Here are two filmstills from an animated shortfilm I did for Studio Soi about two year ago. It is an informative short about frogs. Johannes Weiland the director of this project intended a combination of 2D and 3D animation.

If you are interested in animated amphibians it will be screened again on
Sun 6.3. `11 ......... 8.36am ZDF tivi
Sun 6.3. `11 ......... 4.00pm KI.KA


EclecticBox hat gesagt…

Beautiful illustration and great character design!
Straight to my Reader Shared Items!

Queen Mob hat gesagt…

Wirklich sehr schön, sehr nette Komposition der Hintergründe!!

Taylor Krahenbuhl hat gesagt…

Love your work and your style Sandra!

Sandra Brandstätter hat gesagt…

thanks for your kind comments!