5. Juni 2012


Here you go...our Comic Anthology NEUFUNDLAND is out. The book`s theme is "The Meaning of Life" and features 21 different views on that topic by 21 international artists. On four pages I tell my own little story.

The book is limited to 1000 copys. More here: neufundland-mag.de
The beautiful cover was done by Uwe Heidschötter.

Artists featured in Neufundland Vol. 1:
Barbara Benas / Sandra Brandstätter / Dominic Eise / Uwe Heidschötter / Sam Hiti / Mark Kjaergaard / Sebastian Koch / Enrique Lorenzo / Sylvain Marc / Maike Plenzke / Miguel Porto / Christian Puille / Alfonso Salazar / Jakob Schuh / Andreas Schuster / Steffi Schütze / Mikkel Sommer / Louis Tardivier / Phil Warner / Thomas Wellmann / Heinz Wolf


bjarne-h hat gesagt…

- just bought it in a comic shop here in Berlin, and its a beautiful magazine.. i hope you do more of them.

Sandra Brandstätter hat gesagt…

Iam happy to hear that you enjoy our little magazine. We would like to do another one, but let`s see. :)