7. Januar 2014

12. März 2013


This is a small illustration I did for the Austrian Animal Welfare Organisation last autumn.

5. Dezember 2012


I am very excited to be part of the "Girls-Fact and Fiction" exhibition organized be the Light Grey Art Lab. The show features over 100 great international artists and opens Friday the 7th of Dec for those who are around Minneapolis.

I wanted to portray a female figure that combines strength and weakness in her persona, who is an inspiration for both girls and boys. Growing up I very much loved the adventurous story of „Ronia the Robber`s Daughter“ by Astrid Lindgren.

For the book`s preview have a look at Light Grey Art Lab`s flickr gallery
You can order the GIRLS book and prints HERE

1. November 2012

Ronia/ Light Grey Art Lab

An illustration done  for the  Ligth Grey Art Lab exhibition "GIRLS: Fact or Fiction!" I did a portrait of Ronia the Robber`s Daughter, a character from the Swedish children`s book author Astrid Lindgren. 
Here are some sketches and a sneak peek of the final version. The show will open on the 16th of November in Minneapolis. A lot of great artists have contributed to this exhibition.

7. Oktober 2012

The Hole

A cartoon scribble for the Austrian Animal Protection Association.

29. August 2012

Dr Sketchy Ladies

Just wanted to try out my brush pen.

17. August 2012


A little illustration I did for a friend`s baby announcement card.
Congratulations Vik & Elke to your little one!

9. August 2012

Window Design

About one year ago I was asked by Moritz Mayerhofer to do some design work for a sequence of his animation short "AMEN!" A vicar`s sermon, which turns more and more furious, gets visualized through the the church window design.
Here are some screenshots, my linework and the link to the trailer.

1. August 2012

Skizzenfestival 2012

I had a great time in Stralsund participating at the 5th Skizzenfestival. A lot of nice and interesting people, sunny weather, lovely little town and sketching all day long.

5. Juni 2012


Here you go...our Comic Anthology NEUFUNDLAND is out. The book`s theme is "The Meaning of Life" and features 21 different views on that topic by 21 international artists. On four pages I tell my own little story.

The book is limited to 1000 copys. More here: neufundland-mag.de
The beautiful cover was done by Uwe Heidschötter.

Artists featured in Neufundland Vol. 1:
Barbara Benas / Sandra Brandstätter / Dominic Eise / Uwe Heidschötter / Sam Hiti / Mark Kjaergaard / Sebastian Koch / Enrique Lorenzo / Sylvain Marc / Maike Plenzke / Miguel Porto / Christian Puille / Alfonso Salazar / Jakob Schuh / Andreas Schuster / Steffi Schütze / Mikkel Sommer / Louis Tardivier / Phil Warner / Thomas Wellmann / Heinz Wolf

Cover Ideas

Here are a few cover ideas I did for our Comic Anthology NEUFUNDLAND themed "The Meaning of Life".

13. Februar 2012

Für meinen Opa...

..der vor einiger Zeit mal gemeint hat er würde sich vielleicht mal eine Vespa ausborgen für ne kleine Spritztour. Vielleicht geht sichs ja den kommenden Sommer aus.

14. Dezember 2011


Sketches I did on my stroll through London last weekend. Narrow streets, narrow houses, a German carols singing elk, packed tube, the Gruffalos Child Premiere, lot`s of polite people, welcoming friends and a delicious haggis burger. A great short trip.